It’s Giving Tuesday!

Give today to change tomorrow.

Pets and their people need you today.  And tomorrow. And every day after that.

Pets are our friends, our secret keepers, our protectors, our reason to get up in the morning and our reason to smile.  They are family.

It’s not a surprise that animals add so much fulfillment to the lives of their human companions. Pets give joy. They love us unconditionally and provide warmth, friendship, and physical and emotional support. They are truly a gift.

Today your gift of a donation towards our Pet Wellness program will help ensure that everyone’s best friend receives the care they need.  Times are tough, resources are stretched and for some in our community an extra helping hand is needed.

No pet should be denied access to health care.

Your donation today WILL make a difference! Your gift can help provide a much-loved pet with a Pet Wellness visit that includes a full physical exam, updated vaccinations, flea/tick treatment and basic medication. This exam also provides opportunities for important conversations, recommendations and resources for continued pet health and hygiene.

To give a Pet Wellness visit to a pet in need, please donate today.