Every year at HBSPCA, we have an unwritten goal to do incredible, impressive, heart-led work that makes a pawsitive difference in the lives of pets and people in our community. This year, thanks to our supremely dedicated staff, our selfless volunteers, and our generous donors, we crushed that goal. And then some. The dogs in our shelter would say “Woof-hoo!”

  • We found 570 pets their furever homes
  • We provided 8,000 hours of medical care to pets in need
  • We spayed/neutered 3,200 pets
  • We trimmed 45,000 nails
  • We supported 473 wellness patients
  • We gave 50 shelter animals new smiles thanks to our dental care program

Tails wagged thousands of times. We heard just as many happy purrs. There was a lot of face-licking, too. Infinite joy was the end result—happy pets and happy people. And that’s our goal every time. 

If you’d like to support our work and get more pets into their furever homes, please make a donation.