We’re the kind of people that if you ask us if we want to see a photo of your pet, our answer is always “Yes! Please! All of them!” So when Pearl Wolfe, a long-time friend of the HBSPCA, volunteer, and former board member brought in Donna Waxman, a local photographer and pet lover, to help with our holiday pet photo fundraiser, all the stars aligned. For everyone. The pet-loving community got the very cutest photos of their very best pals, and Donna got what she calls a win-win—a chance to be behind the camera doing what she loves and give back to her community at the same time.

After retiring from McMaster University, Donna followed her passion for photography and turned it into a full-time, heart-fulfilling gig. She also has a soft spot for animals—particularly her 16-year-old cockapoo Frankie.

During that first year, Donna’s photographs raised $1500 and the holiday pet photo fundraiser has been a tradition ever since—with Donna behind the lens, of course. Recently, she also donated her time and talent to capture portraits of our staff and their pets. 

“People’s pets mean so much to them, and the joy they bring is so impactful to see,” says Donna. “If you have a passion for something, think of how you can direct it into making the community a better place.”

Thank you, Donna! You’re exceptional and your photographs are simply purr-fect.

Volunteer for the HBSPCA.

Donna’s portrait photographed by Brian K. Marshall.