Let’s give every dog and cat the love, comfort and hope they deserve.



We will fight to give them the love, comfort and hope they deserve.

Every day, we have dogs and cats arriving at our shelter who have experienced severe abuse and neglect. We meet them where they are and commit to providing more than temporary care. We fight to give them the love, comfort and hope they deserve. We aim to create an environment that allows them to heal and experience safety and happiness.

We know we have done our job when these animals are playing, chasing, smelling, purring, wagging their tails, and socializing with friends.

As a Pet First facility, our Animal Care team is setting the groundwork to build a new outdoor Enrichment Playground and Cat Catio for our furry companions.

The enrichment playground will come complete with artificial grass for dogs to run on, equipment to nurture play and fencing to keep them safe. The Cat Catio is a specially designed enclosed space that will allow our feline friends to climb, socialize and safely enjoy the outdoors.

Let's create a better world for animals together.

Join us in making a difference by supporting this initiative and leaving an indelible mark on the lives of these remarkable creatures who bring joy to our lives every single day.

You can be a part of building this new healing environment today!