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Although the shelter at 245 Dartnall Road remains closed to the public, the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA is pleased to offer safer, no contact adoptions. It is our priority to keep members of the public and shelter staff safe while also giving pets a chance at finding loving homes.   


Adopt a cat from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

Did you know that each animals picture is labeled with their name and how they came to be in care of the HBSPCA? You may have noticed that many of the kittens for adoption are the result of an unwanted litter. These accidental litters are one of the main factors contributing to the over-population issue in our community. The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA provides affordable spay/neuter for Hamilton and surrounding area with our Community Assistance Program. Many of these unwanted litters, born to community cats, grow up on the streets, having never had positive interactions with people, many of these feral cats are not well suited to home life. The HBSPCA’s TNVR or Trap-Neuter (vaccinate) and Return program works in tandem with caregivers to trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip community cats. Ours is the only program of its kind currently being offered in our city and it is vital to help cease the proliferation and suffering of these community cats and their kittens. While we work with these community caregivers to TNVR the adults we also assist them by accepting these homeless kittens into our care. We provide veterinary care, socializing and adoption into loving homes.

For more information on our affordable spay/neuter services and TNVR Program please click here.


Adoption is a feel-good way to become a pet owner.

Are you ready to adopt? Establishing a relationship with a veterinarian is essential to offering your pet a healthy and happy life. Come prepared with a chosen veterinary partner to ensure your new companion gets started on the right track.


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