Thank you for the postcard 😊

Stag has been the perfect addition to our family 💖 He’s been renamed Freddie by our 2.5-year old, Simon.

Freddie is very social, and enjoys being in our company! Simon and Freddie play “doctor”, drive/chase toy cars, and read books together in Simon’s fort. Freddie loves to curl up in bed with my husband and I, as well.

Freddie LOVES food! We learned very quickly not to leave a loaf of bread out on the counter haha 😂

Freddie fits right in with our family, and we feel incredibly lucky to have him as our first pet ⭐️

Thank you, HBSPCA !

-The Sanchez’s

Hi There,

Thank you for the postcard. Pepper is doing fantastic. She has adapted really well. We have attached a Christmas photo of her. 

Thank you and Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. 

The Pyke Family


Thank you for the card you sent. Ned and Red are doing great! It took them no time at all to settle in and figure out they were home. I’m pleased they decided to let me stay.

Red is a “macho dude”. He only gives and accepts affection when it suits him. Ned on the other hand is always ready to give and receive affection. He’s a big baby! The only way I can tell them apart is if I can see the entire length of their tails because Red has a tiny tip of white at the end of his.

Of course we all know that dogs have owners and cats have staff. Ned and Red have me very well trained in this regard. They are wonderful cats and they keep me entertained constantly. 

Thank you,


He’s doing really well and has definitely come out of his shell. He was nervous being outside but now he’s running around like crazy and loves chasing his toy that we tied to the end of a broom!

He is snuggly and super smart. He’s already mastered sit, which he does before everything (going outside, getting his meals, etc.). And potty training has been great – he hasn’t had any accidents overnight, and only two in the house so far. He’ll see the vet this week for his rabies shot.

We all love him and are working hard to socialize and train him so he grows up to be a happy, confident guy! Thanks again for trusting us to care for him.

The Bearss Family

Now known as “Maple” (easier to spell!) – he has settled in like he has lived here his whole life!

An active, curious and affectionate guy, he keeps us entertained with his antics and athletics!

Couldn’t imagine our lives without him.


Thank you so much!

 – Chris, Hilary, Ian, Colin and Maple.


I received your post card in the mail, and I appreciate it! So this email is updating you on how Blue is settling in with us.

Blue has really found her place in our home, she’s really taken to us and our other cat, Demon.

She’s completely comfortable with us now, and she’s a huge suck! She has some cat-titude, and it’s great, she’s really fun to have around.

Our other cat Demon has become more playful than ever since she’s arrived, and they play often!

I’ve attached some photos of Blue below, thanks for letting me update you!


Just an update on Kevin and Kova, they’re loving it at home took no time for them to get used to me and comfortable.

Good afternoon,

 Thank you for the post card.  Just wanted to let you know that the birdies are fine and are used to their cage.  By the way, I have renamed them Pete and Tillie.

 They are very active – always on the move.  I think that they are happy in their new home because they are continually chirping.

 I have attached a couple of photos of them.  It’s very hard to take a good photo since they are usually jumping from one perch to another.

 Have a great day and stay safe.


Peace and joy,



Harry is doing great, we love him very much. He is very cuddly and loves to be pet. First days were very easy and it didn’t take long for him to get used to us and explore the entire home. Last week he had his first vet visit, he did very well. He got his booster shots.
Thanks for everything
Aleksandra and Lidia

I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to send you an update to let you know that Mashed Potato is settling in very well to his new home! I’ve re-named him as Gary, but I’m keeping Mashed Potato as a nickname because it sounds so adorable. He’s definitely a very friendly and adventurous little guy, and he’s already getting to know our other two cats. His neck seems to be healing well, and aside from a bit of scratching around the area, he doesn’t appear irritated at all. I have made a vet appointment for him to get his FVRCP and rabies vaccines in mid-September, so all is well on that end too! 

I adopted Syd just over a week ago, and Jiji (formerly known as Buddy The Elf)- almost 4 years ago!
So far it’s been a strange time for them adjusting, but with patience and a Feliway, I think amazing progress has been made. Syd is quite the character, playful, and follows me like a shadow! Jiji has been a tad jealous and isn’t as affectionate with me, which I know he’ll come around in time.

It has been over a month since I last wrote. It is hard to believe that Cello gets even cuter every day and is such a huge part of our family. She is crazy smart too. She can actually see me grab a book to read and runs from under my desk to beg to sit on my lap. She knows the routine and I don’t even have to look at her….and honestly I miss some days and randomly do it at different parts of the days. She won’t completely lay on my lap until I put on my glasses. Way too smart of a dog.

Vet visit was fine. We got a 6-month supply of heartworm and anti-flea treats so she is fine. She’s only had the 2 episodes of being tired/withdrawn so it seems only related to very long walks and the vet isn’t worried.

I’ve attached a few recent photos. We’ve tried some interaction with other dogs in the park and she is great with them, which is awesome. We just celebrated Cello’s 5th birthday yesterday and got some birthday treats from the store

Rita (now “Annie”) is doing great!!! She’s having a blast exploring the house… I think today was the first time she’s slept since Wednesday lol. It took her no time at all to come out of her shell, I think it helps going to a home where she sees there’s already other bunnies. Thanks for rescuing her.

Thank u for the postcard. We changed his name to Finn but we call him Kitty lol. So maybe it’s Kitty now I don’t know. He comes when he wants to as do all cats. He’s very loving and needed no time to settle in. He loves cuddles and thinks everything we own is now his. There’s no more privacy here so all doors remain open, if not he throws a hissy fit! He is a wonderful addition to our home and we are very lucky he came our way. I’m glad I took the chance ( I’ve always had dogs so cats are a mystery to me). Love love this guy!!


This is Circe. I’ve just received in the mail your thank you postcard note! Thank you, it was so lovely!

We’ve renamed Jamie to Max, and we couldn’t be happier to have him part of our family. He is so loved! So much so that everyone has his photo as their cellphone wallpaper!

He got comfortable with us very quickly and I believe it was due to all the planning I did, and all the things you’ve recommended. I believe the Feliway helped a lot. 

Thank you so much for making this process go so smoothly!

Hi there!

Back in May I adopted three cats from HBSPCA through the barn buddy program. I just thought I’d send in a little update!

First is ‘Daddy Topps’ an orange male who had a couple name changes but we have settled on ‘Oliver’. Second is ‘Sara’, a female orange tabby who is now ‘Penny’. And third is ‘Rooter’ a solid black male who is now known as ‘Loki’.

I’d just like to say that these three are absolutely amazing and thriving in their farm life! While Oliver is still skeptical of humans, he has made a lot of progress and I know in the future he will be enjoying cuddles and pets like Penny and Loki do. Each have their own unique personality, and as a trio they are truly entertaining to have around the property!

Thank you for all that you do, and for giving barn cats a chance to find their perfect homes!

Harley is such a lovely cat.  She has brought much happiness to myself.   I think we both needed each other

Thought I would let you know how Pepsi is doing. He adjusted into the apartment very well. And we had just started to introduce him to our dog who absolutely loves him. Pepsi loves his cuddles, his kisses and loves all the attention he gets.

He just a spoiled baby over here! 

I adopted Dodger a week ago Tuesday.  Just a quick update.  He has come a long way. The day before yesterday he let me pet him on the floor.  And yesterday he actually let me pick him up.

We cuddled and he purred.  He now rubs up against my legs when I’m doing dishes. So he is still jumpy at times if I love too quick.  But I just adore him. Thank you for your help. 


Just wanted you to know Ivy is settling in just fine. As we suspected she just has some high lab energy to be burned through appropriate activities. She loves walking laps at the park.

She also has a small measure of separation anxiety which I believe will be muted once she gets used to us coming and going on a regular schedule.  That being said, I think she may be part rabbit or kangaroo.  When my daughter left after a visit yesterday, Ivy actually jumped from the floor to the top of my work desk to get to the front window to watch her leave. No worries, she was careful not to knock over the laptop, second monitor or work papers. I may have to re-arrange the furniture so that she has a safer vantage point to monitor people coming and going through the front window. 🤣

Anyway, I have to get back to work. Just thought you would appreciate the update and the attached picture of her chilling.

I just wanted to update you that “Rip” has been officially named “rocky” !  

Thanks for all your help! My daughter is in love with him ! 

Just wanted to give you an update on Fergus and Maggie. Fergus made himself at home the second he got into our house. It took a few hours for Maggie to adjust before she was up on our laps giving us kisses. These two are such amazing cats. They’re so affectionate and fun. Maggie has really come out
of her shell…she’s such a little fireball! Fergus is so sweet and cuddly and loves playing in the sink. We may have to get him a wading pool.
Please thank everyone who was responsible for bringing these two back to health and helping them to become such sweet, loving cats. We are so fortunate to have them as part of our family.
Suzanne and Dan
We got Zoloff a year and a half ago and wanted to share some photos of his adventures since he joined our family. (We called him Oscar).
Enjoy and keep up the great work!!
I wanted to reach out to give an update on Torch (you’ll know him as Tiger). We adopted him February 11 2021, and he’s been a blessing to our home.
Torch is the most silky, soft, energetic, happy go lucky little toot. He has really warmed up to us and his home, he has made best friends with our resident cat Ember and they really do have a beautiful little bond.
Torch loves to play with everything, balls are a big hit, socks too! He throws them up in the air and catches them again. He sleeps with us, sometimes I wake up and he’s sleeping on me! He has a safe spot in the master bedroom and he resides there when he feels worried for any reason and he knows he safe when there.
He has a BIG voice and lots of opinions and he truly is just a happy, sweet, spunky, loving feline.
Thank you!
He’s our regal king!
Hope all is well 🙂. Wanted to give a quick update on our sweet little Penny girl (previously Cheshire). She is such a hilarious and sweet girl with a lot of personality in the tiniest package! To say we are obsessed is an understatement!
Penny loves to run around the backyard, play with toys, snuggle and play with her “sister” Sadie (my family’s dog). In true puppy style, she plays hard and naps even harder! One second she is a tornado with all her toys out and the next passed out. She is very entertaining! It has been so rewarding to see her get more confident each day and her personality shine. We are so excited for the adventures we can take her on once the weather gets better.
She is a great little buddy and wing girl. We don’t even know what we did before we got her and are so happy she found her way into our lives.
Thank you for everything you do!
Lex, Chris & Penny
Thank you for the postcard! Here’s a little update on Tiana!
The first couple weeks were pretty slow, just letting her do everything at her own pace, get herself comfortable. It took a while, but she did eventually decide that I could be her person! It’s probably because I dish out the food and never-ending treats, but I’ll pretend she loves my personality!!
No other human in the house has been able to come near her yet; she doesn’t run and hide any more, but she definitely keeps a distance and doesn’t take her eyes off of them when they are near!
Patience is key with Tiana for sure.
Tiana bonded very quickly with the other animals in the house, she loves cuddling with the dogs and absolutely LOVES being anywhere that Princess is! These 2 have become quite the pair!
Tiana loves to cuddle (occasionally with me, but mostly with Po’ Boy and Princess!) and she loves to be outside.
This little sweetheart is her most confident when she is out on a walk. Her ears and tail up, just strutting her stuff in her little jackets!! When she’s out walking with the pack she is an entirely different dog, all the confidence in the world!
Thank you for trusting me with this little lady, she is an amazing addition to my family.
– Angela
Hi again,
I just wanted to give you guys another update on Turtle. 🙂
She is doing very well!
Her favorite spot is staring out the window at the birds, or curled up at the top of her at tree.
Every night she demands cuddles (she is a very very vocal cat, she meows back if you meow at her, and you know when she’s hungry or wants attention lol).
She’s still very afraid of anyone new other than my partner and I, and sometimes even we make her nervous if we move too quickly (she’s been cautious of hands especially since we got her ), but as we rarely have guests, especially now with covid lol, she is a perfect fit for us. 😊
She’s come a very long way from the scared kitty who wouldn’t leave her cardboard box for months, we love her to pieces. ❤️
Take care,
Hi, it’s been a few years since I’ve written – but I like to keep in touch.
It’s been ten years this week since I got my best pal from the HBSPCA – Here a recent picture and the kennel card photo that I fell in love with attached.
Murphy is still living the life. We have 70 acres, and another 6 dogs, for a total of 7.
Murphy’s “job” is to be a total idgit, run around protecting the world from evil chickadees, and make just about anything that he can move a toy.
A senior dog now .. and not quite as ready to jump into a truck cab – but he’s healthy, active (oh yes!), and still eternally happy.
I have taken good care of him the last ten years, and look forward to many more together.
His face is the first thing I see every morning. A bit of grey now, but as handsome as ever.
I could never have asked for a better friend and companion.
Ten years later, thanks again for the best damned dog in the world.
Jim and the great fluffy Murph-O-Matic.

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