Milo came into our care three months ago—his right eye was inflamed, his pupil was dilated and unresponsive, and there was blood in the anterior chamber.  We used our new Tonovet (a purchase made possible by the incredible support of our donors) to measure the pressure in Milo’s eye; it was normal so we were able to rule out glaucoma. Milo was put on a treatment plan that included antibiotics, eye ointment, and pain medication.

The eye saw some small improvement after two weeks, but the pupil was still dilated so Dr. Farr chose to pursue more treatment in an attempt to save Milo’s eye. Dr. Farr and our Animal Care Team were hopeful that this course of treatment would save the day, but unfortunately, the eye did not improve and was eventually removed.

While he did lose an eye, Milo did not lose a single iota of love in his big, beautiful heart. This sweet, social boy has all the love to give and is looking—intently with his very good left eye—for a furever home. 

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