Dealing with an influx of puppies requires many helping hands and a great deal of compassion. Good news: we have both at the HBSPCA. Just like preparing for guests in your own home, our shelter had to make extensive plans and arrangements when we received a call for assistance from another overwhelmed facility.

On May 10, we welcomed 21 puppies and dogs in good condition. Needless to say, the number of hungry mouths to feed was significant. But for the dedicated staff at the HBSPCA, it’s all in a day’s work. We rearranged our existing animal residents to make room for the newcomers and made sure to have extra staff available by coming in early or staying late.

To ensure the well-being of our new arrivals, we thoroughly examined each puppy and dog in our hospital, and meticulously cleaned the kennels they arrived in. 

Karen Reichheld, the director of animal care at the HBSPCA, describes all the dogs as “lovely and friendly,” but she emphasizes that accepting them was not as simple as a mere “yes.” The days following their arrival were filled with continuous monitoring, medication administration, bathing, feeding, and cleaning. Moreover, crucial time was devoted to cuddling and socializing the puppies under the watchful eye of their mother. All of this was done while maintaining our commitment to the other animals in our care and the smooth operation of our top-notch animal shelter.

Under the supervision of our medical director, Dr. Jennifer Farr, each dog received a thorough examination and the care they deserve. They will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. As they progress on their journey to recovery, some of these puppies are already available for adoption on our website. You can find them listed alongside other pets in need of loving homes at https://www.hbspca.com/adopt-animals/view-dogs/.

Once our guests find their furever families, our companion animal hospital will be ready to answer the call again whenever another shelter requires our assistance. We take pride in providing compassionate care and being a reliable source of support in times of need. And you can help! Make a donation to support the pets in our care or consider adopting one of our precious puppies or another deserving pet from our website.