Every single day, the HBSPCA extends compassionate care to over 300 vulnerable animals seeking love and a second chance at a better life. But with an increase in surrenders this year, our shelter is consistently at full capacity, highlighting the pressing need for our services. 

Here’s where our Kennel Guardian Program comes to the rescue, providing individuals, organizations, and corporations with the opportunity to directly make a difference in the lives of the animals in our care.

Becoming a Kennel Guardian:

For those looking to make a lasting difference in the lives of shelter animals, the Kennel Guardian Program presents a unique and heartwarming opportunity. By sponsoring a standard or large kennel or even a community cat room/nursery, Guardians ensure that animals arriving at the HBSPCA receive the necessary care, love, and support they deserve. A $2,500 contribution secures a standard kennel, while a $5,000 donation reserves a large kennel or room.

Guardian Benefits:

As a Kennel Guardian you’ll be showered with heartfelt gratitude and plenty of perks: 

  • Choice of large or standard kennel or community cat room/nursery with your name or company logo proudly displayed right above it.
  • You’ll get a special mention on our website, spreading the word about your compassionate act.
  • A feature in our monthly newsletter, The Water Dish.
  • A warm welcome post on our social media.
  • We’ll include your name on our Kennel Guardian banner in the main foyer.
  • You’ll get an exclusive invitation to visit the kennel, where you can meet and greet the adorable animals under your guardianship.
  • Regular updates will be sent to your inbox, filled with heartwarming photos of the animals you’re supporting, including happy adoption stories.
  • And that’s not all! We’ll give you a media shout-out during one of our promotional events in the year of your sponsorship. Your kindness deserves to be celebrated!

Did we mention that we’re always open to new ideas? If you have a recognition concept not included in our list, just let us know.

Celebrating Our Newest Kennel Guardians:

Let’s take a moment to give a warm welcome to our newest Kennel Guardians – the Dunmore Family and Nisha and Michael Milkovich! Their immense impact on the HBSPCA community, and their dedication to their beloved furry family members, Jasper and Ash, make them true champions of animal welfare.

And a big round of a-paws goes to Aran Awards and Engraving for their support in making the Kennel Guardian Program a reality. This essential work wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our generous donors, sponsors, and corporate partners.

The Kennel Guardian Program is a beacon of hope and kindness for pets in need. With each kennel sponsored, you help us change lives–one paw at a time.

Ready to make an impact and become a Guardian? Click here to get started.