Summertime and the living is – outdoors! But what about your best friend?

We Canadians love our dogs! We like to take our pet companions places with us and businesses are quickly moving to take advantage of that fact. 

In 2022, according to a nationwide survey, there were estimated to be around 8.5 million cats in Canadian households. In the same year, there were approximately 7.9 million pet dogs in the country. 

We all remember back in the day when businesses would put out a bowl of water for thirsty pups who were walking by. 

Today, many restaurants like Bring Your Dog Cafe are pet-friendly – meaning your pooch can visit the patio with you. Some places even have a pet menu and treats in addition to the bowl of water. 

Studies have shown that restaurants that allow dogs on their patio enjoyed a surge in revenue. 

Some hotels are even getting in on the trend by not only allowing guests’ pets, but by having pets as ambassadors, welcoming guests at the door. 

Followers of the Restaurants of Hamilton site on Facebook shared several pet-friendly restaurants/patios in Hamilton. One commented that probably any patio in Hamilton would welcome a well-behaved pet. Here is a list of some restaurants who will welcome your pet. Enjoy!

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