Host a Fundraiser


Host an Event/Fundraiser Guidelines and Application

Interested in planning a fundraising event or becoming a supporting partner for the HBSPCA? We’ll help you along the way!

On behalf of the animals served by the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, thank you for considering the HBSPCA in your fundraising initiative. The HBSPCA is a donor based registered charity and relies on supporters’ donations to continue service to community.

Community events or community initiatives (sometimes called third party fundraising) are organized by individuals, businesses or groups with the intent of raising funds for another organization.

To better support your event and to help you succeed, we ask that you complete the registration page and return it well in advance of your planned community event.

We do ask organizations and groups that are fundraising on behalf of the HBSPCA to appreciate and reflect our Vision and Values.


All animals enjoy the five essential freedoms. Freedom from:

  • Hunger and thirst
  • Pain injury and disease
  • Distress
  • Discomfort, and
  • Freedom to express behaviours that promote well-being


  • We are Collaborative
  • We act with Integrity
  • We act with Respect
  • We are Compassionate
  • We practice Stewardship
  • We are Transparent
  • We are Accountable

Please note the following:

*** In planning any event or initiative, please determine and comply with any rules/restrictions governing:

  • Admission Ticket sales
  • Raffle ticket sales and prizes
  • 50/50 draws
  • Door prizes
  • Alcohol/bar Service
  • Sale of food
  • Liability insurance, and
  • Safety in the Times of COVID-19

*** All who wish to organize a community event or collect cash/donations on behalf of the HBSPCA must be under the guidance of someone 19 years of age or older.

*** The HBSPCA appreciates your efforts in fundraising on our behalf; we cannot assume financial responsibility for expenses incurred by a community event. For health reasons, the HBSPCA does not take adoptable pets to community events.

*** The HBSPCA is pleased to support your community event/initiative in some of the following ways: donation boxes, brochures or banner, social media promotion, charitable tax receipts when eligible, and organizer recognition. Please identify on the application form.

*** Please submit a list of sponsors that the host organization has approached. Sponsors include individuals, businesses, groups or others who are interested in contributing to the success of the event. This helps the HBSPCA minimize overlap with other HBSPCA campaigns.

*** Photographs depicting images of animals or images related to animal welfare to promote or raise funds for the HBSPCA, must be approved by the HBSPCA. Please submit to events@hbspca.com

*** Please state clearly on all promotional materials the percentage or amount of proceeds that will benefit the HBSPCA. This information should be specific and clear on the application and at your event/activity.

*** Official tax receipts will be issued in accordance with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Guidelines. Receipts will be issued for the maximum allowable amount as determined by CRA.

Interested in planning a fundraising event or becoming a supporting partner for the HBSPCA? We’ll help you along the way!

Please fill out an application here and submit to events@hbspca.com

Questions? Please contact events@hbspca.com 


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