Elaine Cooper is an animal lover, first and foremost. For over 20 years, Elaine has been helping animals in need in all sorts of ways. To Elaine, her animals are her children, and she has been rescuing and adopting them her entire life. In fact, her first dog was adopted from the HBSPCA!

Growing up, Elaine had many furry and feathered companions, including cats and a charming umbrella cockatoo. Elaine has always had a deep connection with animals. “I never had any children, but my animals are my children,” she shares. But the animal that stole her heart was her sweet sheltie, Sadie. 

The bond between Elaine and Sadie was truly special. They had an incredible connection and Elaine says they could even read each other’s minds. Sadly, Sadie developed liver cancer, and Elaine made the tough decision to say goodbye to her soul dog shortly after the diagnosis. Although she knew that Sadie would be her last dog, Elaine’s desire to help animals in need didn’t stop there.

Now, she expresses her love and support for shelter animals through her hobby of knitting cat mats and dog blankets. She believes that a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

But Elaine’s generosity doesn’t stop there. She is also a monthly donor and has included a legacy gift for the HBSPCA in her will. Her monthly gift helps to cover the cost of medical care that some of the animals in the shelter desperately need. And her legacy gift will allow her to continue helping long into the future.

Elaine, we cannot thank you enough for your unwavering support of the HBSPCA. Your love for animals is truly inspiring and your kindness makes a significant impact on the lives of the animals in our care. Thank you for all that you do!