Pet Visiting Program


Get Involved in Our New Pet Visiting Program

“Pet therapy is a great way to reduce stress, provide comfort in these post pandemic times and is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages.”

The HBSPCA’s Pet Visiting Program is unique in the Hamilton area and is designed to bring the comfort and joys of animal companionship to all those in our community.

We seek to offer this program to a wide range of demographics and facilities including long term care homes, schools, and business’s whose participants would benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally from the healing power of animals.

Our pre-assessed, pet visitors and their handlers are passionate about helping Hamilton residents and are committed to providing a compassionate and positive experience during every session.

Our goal is to make sure every pet visit is an impactful and rewarding experience.

To learn more about becoming a pet visiting volunteer with your resident pet fill out this form or if you are interested in being onboarded as a facility of the pet visiting program –  Click HERE


Madison Bodden

Manager of Humane Education & Community Sheltering





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