Alice and Reuben Crawley are animal lovers first and foremost. Big-hearted Hamiltonians who spent a good portion of their lives—35 years!—supporting the HBSPCA. So, when Reuben passed away, Alice honoured his memory with a legacy gift—a monthly donation so that the two of them could still help animals together.

Reuben wasn’t Alice’s only love. She and a little jack russel she met at our shelter, Buddy, had a love-at-first-site story. Years ago, she came to visit our shelter. She met Buddy, who’d been rescued from the streets and was suffering from extreme malnutrition. Her heart just melted. And she left that day with Buddy in tow. He spent the rest of his life at her feet, loving every minute of their good life together. 

When she moved into a retirement home after both Buddy and Reuben had passed, another love showed up— Callie — quite literally on her doorstep. Callie was the retirement home cat, but she quickly became Alice’s best pal. When her time comes, Alice says that Callie’s ashes will be buried with her and Reuben. Buddy, too. 

It’s easy to see—and feel—that Alice simply adores animals. 

We asked her why she chose HBSPCA to give so generously to throughout her life. “I just want to help,” she said. “I absolutely love animals. A monthly contribution seemed like the best way to help the HBSPCA and every month I played a part in helping the organization help animals in our community. It is in me to help.”

Thank you Alice and Reuben for your goodwill and big hearts. We are furever grateful.

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