The HBSPCA is proud to introduce you to two very important new team members: Kevin the dog, our new Chief Happiness Officer, and his Executive Assistant Steven the cat. This dog n’ cat duo is responsible for animal joy around here. Having walked in the paws of all of the animals we serve, they bring a unique and coveted perspective to our team. 

Kevin is a tea-cup poodle who was surrendered to the HBSPCA in 2022 as a puppy, several weeks after falling and badly injuring his front leg. He was brought to our Companion Animal Hospital where he was examined and given pain medication. His x-rays showed a fractured front leg with a dislocated elbow, and due to the severity of the injuries, he required a left fore-quarter amputation. Kevin was the bravest boy in the hospital. One of our team members felt sorry for him and took him home as a foster to recover from his surgery – and we all know how that turned out!

Steve is a Siamese cross who first arrived at the HBSPCA in 2013, along with many of his cat relatives and friends as he was involved in a cat hoarding situation. Steve has a condition called a nasopharyngeal polyp. This is a mass of inflammatory tissue in the back of the throat or ear canal, which can cause a loud snoring or wheezing sound when he breathes. Sometimes these masses can be surgically removed, but unfortunately, his is so deep that it is not accessible. Steve does not let his polyp define him.  He leads a full and happy life and in the past, has been an enthusiastic participant in our Pet Visitation program.

“Bark bark bark,” says Kevin about his new role. He’s clearly excited to work directly with our CEO and Senior Staff to ensure that we focus on our new Pet First strategy. “Meow meow meow,” adds Steven whose purrs give away his unbridled enthusiasm for reporting on our companion animal program successes.

Kevin and Steven are committed to serving pets and people in the community. So much so that they’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply email them at HappinessTeam@hbspca.com