If cats could dance, there’d be a hoppin’ party in the shelter these days. We’ve just installed 9 cat portals, which turn single cat cages into spiffy new cat condos by adding a pass-through. They call it “Kind Cat Housing”. Our cats call it: PURRRRR-fect! The cats in our care LOVE these portals. They’re having fun hanging out with their neighbours, being social, and moving around more than before. All things that make life here at the shelter, while they’re waiting for their forever home, more enjoyable for every animal.

A big shoutout to Roman, our amazing facility coordinator. He’s been busy installing these portals and the cats are extra fond of him for it. Thank you, Roman!

We’d like to install 6 more portals to complete the renovation and ensure every cat is a happy one. They cost $170 each. Donate here.