No Pet Left Behind in the Times of COVID-19

Hamilton/Burlington SPCA and Zachary’s Paws for Healing open for Compassionate Boarding

Hamilton, ON (April 16, 2020) – The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) and Zachary’s PAWS for Healing (ZPFH) will care for pets belonging to persons hospitalized for treatment related to coronavirus.

There may be persons hospitalized for treatment who do not have alternatives for pet care while in hospital. “Pets are family members, and this approach prevents pet surrender, relieves anxiety about care, and gives hope to pet parents”, says Marion Emo, CEO. “Working together with Zachary’s PAWS for Healing, we know that pets are people’s best friends and sometimes only friend.  Offering compassionate boarding for persons experiencing the coronavirus is the right thing to do”.

The compassionate boarding program provides up to 14 days of boarding at the HBSPCA on Dartnall and with ZPFH depending on the space available and animals’ circumstances. Pets may include cats, dogs, small critters and small birds.

“We don’t know yet what the need will be for compassionate boarding”, says Donna Jenkins, Founder of ZPFH. “Caring for pets when pet parents fall ill is important. We’re ready as usual and can be counted on to help patients’ pets.”

As always, pet families are encouraged to make plans for pet care in the event of absence from home, with for instance friends, families or neighbours. Sometimes this is not possible. Referrals to the compassionate boarding program can be made by health care staff to Michelle Macnab at mmacnab@hbspca.com and Brian Judson at 289-682-3171.

“We are very grateful to our supporters for compassionate boarding”, Marion Emo goes on to say. “PetSmart Charities of Canada® has provided an emergency grant to help board pets in need who belong to clients of our Community Veterinary Outreach Program. And Royal Canin has donated food to help feed pet companions in care”.

Learn about the program and how you can prepare for compassionate boarding at /services/covid-19-emergency-preparedness/

Media Contact: Marion Emo, CEO at memo@hbspca.com or 905-574-7722 ext. 310.

About the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA

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About Zachary’s PAWS for Healing

Zachary’s Paws for Healing is the only organization in Canada that provides specialized services to hospitals and their patients.  For the past five years, we have provided patients with visits with their own companion pets in hospital to relieve the stress and isolation they feel when separated.  We have fostered over 1600 patients’ pets that had no one to care for them while their human received much needed hospital care.  We also provide therapeutic animals for patients and staff at our Hamilton hospitals helping to rehabilitate patients and provide stress relief to the medical staff.  Through private donations and our corporate partners, we have provided this essential service to the Southern Ontario community.  For more information about our great work, please go to www.zacharyspawsforhealing.com
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