Dr. Jean Rumney Award


Every year, we recognize a person who has shown an outstanding commitment and dedication to animals in our community with the Dr. Jean Rumney Award.

Dr. Rumney was an animal lover and an animal advocate dedicated to the advancement of animal welfare until her very last breath. She was one of the first female veterinarians in Canada and the first woman to graduate
from the Ontario Veterinary College. She opened the first purpose-built animal hospital in Canada with her brother in 1934.

This year’s Dr. Jean Rumney Award recipient
is Wendy McKee Jackson.
Wendy shares Dr. Rumney’s steadfast commitment to animals. She has amassed a whopping 4057 volunteer hours since 2015. In addition to her time, Wendy also donates monthly, helps out at events, makes Thank You
calls, sells lottery tickets, and provides stellar customer service to donors and supporters.

She is a proud “foster failure” who intended to give a dog a temporary home, then fell in love and adopted him.
“I am grateful every day for the joy & love Hudson has brought to our family,” she says. Wendy also adopted a cat, Mr. Spock.

When Covid struck, Wendy dug her heels in and offered a helping hand when and where we needed it most. No questions.
“The HBSPCA has given me years of fulfilment and a reason to get up in the morning to face new challenges,” says Wendy.

Wendy, thank you for being the kind of human that pets in our community deserve.


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