Our Spring Lottery was a huge success. In addition to raising $101,025 for the HBSPCA, allowing us to continue to do our good work for pets and their people in our community, it also awarded a total of $27,500 in prizes to 22 winners. So much to celebrate!

Congratulations to Ann Bartlett

Ann Bartlett is thanking her lucky stars—and the wonderful people who support animals at the Hamilton Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA). She is this year’s Spring Lottery grand prize winner, and very excitedly received her prize of $5000. 

“Words cannot adequately convey the joy and excitement I’m feeling about this,” Ann said. 

She can’t remember how long she has been supporting the lottery—”probably since it started,” she says. She has also always purchased our calendars, eagerly flipping the page to see the next Dog of the Month.

Ann’s loyalty to helping the HBSPCA has never wavered. She said that, even when reconsidering the family’s expenses, they’d never thought about dropping the lottery. She’s just so grateful that the HBSPCA is here to help an untold number of animals.

Ann is semi-retired after 44 years in healthcare where she worked as a clinical nurse specialist. She also taught at Mohawk College and McMaster University. She and her husband have two children and when asked about their pets over the years, she laughs and says – you name it! They have had guinea pigs, hamsters, budgies, cats, dogs, and horses. Pets have always been part of the family.

She says that having animals is so important because it teaches kids about caring for something else.

Ann has previously won the lottery—winning $1,000 a couple of years ago. Her advice to others? Participate in the lottery and buy the highest number of tickets available. The winnings are going to a practical use to replace a water heater and a pleasant use in a lovely dinner out. 

Congratulations, Ann and thank you so much for your support over the years. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

Twenty-two community members took home a little extra cash—$1,000 or more to be exact—simply by supporting the HBSPCA’s Spring Lottery. The final two winners were Janet T and Julia B. You can click here to see a full list of winners.

Thank you!

The Spring Lottery is a major fundraising event for the HBSPCA. We rely on the dollars raised to support our work in the year ahead. To the 9,000+ people who purchased tickets: THANK YOU! We are incredibly grateful for your support; thanks to you, the lottery was a huge success. We couldn’t have made it all happen without the support and generosity of Corus Radio who sponsored this year’s event. Thank you, Corus Radio team!

We’ve always said that our community is an incredible one. You proved us right again. Together, we are creating a safe, healthier, happier world for the animals in our care.