We always say that our volunteers have unmatched passion—and we say it because it’s true. Now, we have proof. Two of our volunteers were nominated for the City of Hamilton’s Senior of the Year volunteer awards. And they deserve all of the accolades they received—and then some.

Let us brag for a minute—or ten—about these two kind, hard-working, incredibly trustworthy, make-the-world-better humans. 

Nominated in the Behind The Scenes category, Donna Meeboer is well-deserving of this recognition. She volunteers her time in our accounting department officially, however if we had to write down all the things that Donna has given her time and talent to support us with it would be a long long list of a thousand menial yet important tasks that she completed without a single complaint and always with a smile. Donna is one of a kind. In the past two years, she has clocked more than 500 volunteer hours and is a master at helping us run our organization effectively and efficiently. Donna: Congratulations! We appreciate you incredibly so!

Wendy McKee-Jackson was nominated in the Leadership category. When she won, we weren’t surprised. Wendy is the definition of a Leader here. She is also the definition of kind, role model, and passionate, in our opinion. Wendy has volunteered for the HBSPCA for 8 years and is unrelenting in her will and desire to help wherever and whenever she is needed—with gusto! It’s not uncommon for us to see Wendy busy supporting wherever she can long after her volunteer shift is officially over. She takes initiative and jumps in to help wherever she can. She’s a gift to the animals here, our staff, and our organization as a whole. Wendy: Congratulations! Thank you for all that you do!

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization—the love and tenacity, care and goodwill of all of our volunteers are unmatched. There are many ways to get involved. If you have time and talent to give, volunteer now.