Spay Your Mama


Spay Your mama

Wait Till 8

We understand that sometimes “oops” litters happen.

While it may be tempting to put an ad online and sell the puppies, that usually means that your pet’s puppies could go to homes unvaccinated or unaltered, and continue the breeding cycle.

But we can help!


If you have found yourself in a situation with a litter of puppies we encourage you to book an appointment at our next Pet Wellness Clinic to have your mama dog examined and to start the conversation about how we can help.

Wait Till 8

This program targets our most vulnerable population of kittens (with or without mothers) too young for adoption. This not only gives these animals a greater chance at survival but alleviates the over-whelming demands on the shelter. By providing temporary care for the kittens in your home until they are ready for their spay/neuter surgery they will benefit from the individualized care a home environment can offer. By participating in this program, kittens also spend less time in the shelter reducing the risk of contracting an illness and better preparing them for forever homes. This ultimately leads to more lives saved.

The HBSPCA will provide the necessary information and some supplies to care for and socialize the kittens. You will be asked to care for the animals until they are ready for spay/neuter surgery. Kittens need to be a minimum of 1kg and 8 weeks of age to have their surgery. We will give you a return date, based on when we believe the kittens will be at that weight. This can vary from two to eight weeks, depending on the kittens’ age.

Help us help more animals by supporting our Wait Till 8 Program. The animals need you!

For further information please contact Madison at foster@hbspca.com


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