Dear friends of the animals,

As we look ahead to Spring and reflect on the last year, we recognize that, for many of us, the last year has brought great change.  Here at the HBSPCA we were not immune to the changes and while things may look a little different these days one thing that has not and will not change is our commitment to Animal Welfare.

Earlier this week we received a call for help from an overwhelmed senior in our community who had found themselves with more cats than they could care for.  We all know how quickly 2 cats can become 5, 10 even 15 cats.  Our team quickly put together a plan and today we welcomed 7 adult cats and 5 newborn kittens to the Hamilton Burlington SPCA.

It’s been a big day for our feline friends, but they are settling into their temporary home here at the shelter.  Many are fighting an Upper Respiratory Infection, none are fixed, all will need vaccines, flea prevention, deworming and a full exam by our veterinarian.  Their road to recovery has begun and we will be with them every step of the way.

Our commitment to Animal Welfare is unwavering and extends far beyond the pets in our shelter.  With today’s situation we were able to provide food and support for spay/neuter services for the cats that will be remaining in the home, part of our commitment to keeping pets and people together.  We will return to the home to secure the few cats that eluded our staff today and ensure that everyone receives the care and support that is needed.

The care that we can provide is made possible by your generous donations.

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