Dear Friends of the Animals,

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) is currently seeking engaged community leaders to serve on our volunteer Board of Directors

Are your values in line with the mission of the HBSPCA?

Our Mission

  • Support access to services which help sustain healthy, safe and wanted animals in our community
  • Protect animals from harm or potential harm
  • Deliver best practice animal care so they may live their natural life in good health
  • Lead the development a more humane community and more responsible pet ownership through programs, education, and collaboration

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of people and pets in your community?

Our Values

  • We are Curious: we strive to be a leader by actively seeking out evidence-based best practices.
  • We are Collaborative: we partner with individuals and organizations.
  • We act with Integrity: we act from an ethical framework.
  • We act with Respect: we treat animals and people with dignity.
  • We are Compassionate: we are caring, empathetic and understanding.
  • We practice Stewardship: we are caretakers of animal welfare, and of the reputation and resources of the HBSPCA.
  • We are Transparent: we are open and honest about what we do, how we do it, and the challenges we face.
  • We are Accountable: we are responsible for our actions.

If this is you, consider joining our team!

The HBSPCA is accepting applications for the Board of Directors from individuals who have a strong background in finance and audit, knowledge about not for profits and fund development and with previous board and governance experience

If you have the experience, skills and enthusiasm to make Hamilton and area a humane community for animals and people alike, make an application to join the HBSPCA Board of Directors. You can find the application HERE, on our website or you can send a request to info@hbspca.com and an application will be sent to you