Community cats are some of our favourites—we meet these street cats thanks to the love and care of community members who befriend them—and sometimes even take them in. These cats might show up on porches or under decks, at business back doors andalleyway nooks. When community members step up, these cats win the lottery.

Earlier this year, a local business informed us that a friendly cat, whom they’d named Blackie, was looking unwell. He showed signs of lethargy and obvious nasal discharge. Our Community Cat Team checked him out onsite—his microchip information showed that he had last been trapped and neutered in 2012. The next day, a caregiver at the local business brought Blackie to our Companion Animal Hospital. Blackie underwent dental surgery and is now recovering at the business—this time inside—which he now calls his forever home.

If there’s a colony of cats (3 or more) roaming your neighbourhood, consider completing our Colony Caregiver Application. If you have less than 3 cats, we invite you to complete the Community Assistance Program Application. We’ll come to you (and your wandering feline friends) and check in to make sure they are neutered, vaccinated, and healthy. It’s all part of our Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return (TNVR) program that keeps the community cat population healthy. 


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