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Formerly: Aspen

Now: Aspen (Lord Bronco of Aspen)

Namesake: We had just said good-bye to our much-loved dog Greeley (named after the city in Colorado that my husbands family lives) so when I saw a picture with the name Aspen it felt like he was a gift to us from our Greeley. His full name (Lord Bronco of Aspen) is a nod to a sports team.

Favourite activity: The water! When we go camping, he’s always the first one in the water!

Wish for this holiday: To have more time with his siblings! The Tree Litter tries to meet up often, but it’s hard to get all 10 together at once!  

Formerly: Spruce

Now: Bruce

Namesake: We had Bailey picked out but when we saw his picture we said – that’s not a Bailey! We love a good human name, so he became Bruce.


Favourite activity: Soccer. He does some pretty, fancy paw work on defence!

Wish for this holiday: That Santa will have time for a belly rub

Formerly: Douglas

Now: Finnegan

Namesake: He was called Dug for a while, and then Charlie, but ultimately Finnegan was the winner. He’s often referred to as Finn.


Favourite activity: He loves leaping off the back porch and running around the back yard on high alert looking for squirrels.

Wish for this holiday: To get more tennis balls, and rope toys, and yummy treats. Pretty much anything he can put in his mouth.

Formerly: Elm

Now: Frank is a calm and easygoing guy. We thought Frank sounded like a good strong name and it

Namesake: Frank was the only name we could agree on as a family! Some of his nicknames include Frank the tank, Frankeroo, Frank and beans and Frank-a-lank-a-ding-dong.

Favourite activity: Playing in the water. He loves to be sprayed, enjoys swimming, and even tries to sneak into the tub!

Wish for this holiday: Yak Cheese and liver treats.

Formerly: Sycamore

Now: Mylo

Namesake: After weeks of disagreeing, we settled on Mylo. Other names considered were Archie, George or Watson. Clearly, we think he looks British.


Favourite activity: Sneaking into the kids rooms to steal their favourite stuffy thus prompting a game of hide-and-seek!

Wish for this holiday: He doesn’t like having his family scattered throughout the house, so his wish is to have his entire family together in one room.

Formerly: Ash

Now: Penny.

Namesake: We chose the name years ago and waited to find the perfect pup for our family.


Favourite activity: Chase! She loves convincing her friends (puppy and human) to chase her to get the stick in her mouth.

Wish for this holiday: For Santa to bring her some more chuck-it balls to replace the ones we lose at the park!

Formerly: Sequoia

Now: River

Namesake: We chose the name River because we grew up along the Grand River in Ontario.


Favourite activity: Playing with my dog friends at the park!

Wish for this holiday: Unlimited beef treats. Yummy!

Formerly: Fir

Now: Roxie

Namesake: We call her “Rox” a lot. Her name was chosen because the kids like looking for painted rocks along the beach by our trailer. We thought it was a cute tie in!

Favourite activity: burying bones (and sometimes shoes!) in the backyard

Wish for this holiday: That she spies Santa leaving a special gift for her pet companion, Carly the cat.

Formerly: Evergreen

Now: Sprocket

Namesake: Named after the dog from the 1980’s tv show, The Fraggles.


Favourite activity: Playing with her siblings, especially Penny! Their human moms are friends.

Wish for this holiday: That her Mom, Magnolia knows how much she’s loved.

Formerly: Cypress

Now: Zeke

Namesake: Zeke is short for Ezekiel. He was named after a character in the tv show The Walking Dead.


Favourite activity: Zeke was part of Penny’s group of fosters with Anne and like his mom, he became a “foster fail” (when a foster parent decides to adopt). He now plays the role of big brother to multiple other pups that are in foster care at his house.

Wish for this holiday: That every rescue animal in care finds a great home like he and his siblings did.