Two of our much loved programs—Pet Visits and Foster Care—both received some big improvements. And we’re excited to share them with you.

Pet Visiting Program

Our Pet Visiting Program brings the utter joy of pets to people in our community who need a little extra love—the kind only an animal can give. That magical kind. 

If you have a dog who you’d describe as a pet who loves people, join our Pet Visiting Program and share their love with our community. The program works like this:

  • You and your dog apply.
  • We conduct a 1-hour assessment to make sure that the stars align and your favourite furball is up for the job.
  • Your pup gets to work spreading love on a flexible schedule.

Good news: we’ll be expanding our program to feature people-loving felines and small species in the future. So if you have a cat or a hedgehog or an iguana that loves to give love—stay tuned.

Foster Care Program

After more than a century of supporting animals in our community, we know that animals thrive best in a home; not a cage. That’s why foster families are so essential to our work here. Opening their homes and hearts to animals in need, help us to expand our lifesaving capacities. And, oooh, we sure do love to save some furry lives.

There are many different reasons for an animal to require foster care. They could be receiving medical treatment, waiting for or recovering from surgery, require socialization, need supplemental feeding, or require ‘round the clock care. Healing and evolving, growing and learning happens best in a loving environment. Our foster families are living miracles, in our opinion. We are so grateful for them. 

If you’re interested in opening your home and hearts to a foster, we sure would love your support. You can foster dogs, cats, rabbits, even guinea pigs. They all need extra love. All foster applicants complete self-paced training—“pawdules”—so that you have the knowledge and support to give the best care possible.

Applications open in the Spring.