We have fantastic news to share! Last month, the Canadian government took a significant step forward in animal welfare by passing measures through the Budget Implementation Act (Bill C-47), which effectively bans cosmetics animal testing and trade in the country. This landmark decision marks a major victory in the fight against animal cruelty and is cause for celebration.

Under the newly passed legislation, not only will cosmetics animal testing be prohibited, but the sale of any cosmetics that rely on new animal testing data to establish the product’s safety is also banned. Additionally, false or misleading labeling pertaining to the testing of cosmetics on animals will not be allowed.

Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Health, Government of Canada, said: “Testing cosmetics on animals is both cruel and unnecessary. That is why we are proud to move forward on our promise to ban cosmetic animal testing and trade. Protecting animals now and in the future is something many Canadians have been advocating for and now, we can all be assured that cosmetics in Canada are cruelty-free, and we will continue to take all necessary measures to improve animal welfare.”

This achievement was made possible through the collaborative efforts of several organizations dedicated to animal welfare. Humane Society International/Canada, Animal Alliance Canada, Cruelty Free International, Cosmetics Alliance Canada, Lush Cosmetics, and The Body Shop worked closely with the federal government to bring about this positive change. Together, they championed the cause of ending cosmetics animal testing, and their dedication has brought a resounding victory for animals.

By passing this bill, Canada has joined 40 other jurisdictions and major markets around the world that have already taken a firm stand against cosmetics animal testing. This collective commitment to putting an end to unnecessary animal suffering sends a powerful message about our society’s values and compassion towards all living beings.

As animal lovers, we can all take pride in knowing that Canada is now a part of this global movement, demonstrating its dedication to the humane treatment of animals. This milestone achievement should serve as inspiration for other countries and regions to take meaningful action to protect animals from unnecessary harm.

At the HBSPCA, we applaud this historic decision and extend our gratitude to everyone who played a role in making it happen. It is a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when we work together to protect animals and act as a voice for those who don’t have one.