Pearl has always had a deep love for animals, particularly dogs, and her passion for their well-being spans over four decades. Having owned dogs herself for more than 40 years, she understands the joy and companionship they bring to our lives.

When her friend Juanita announced a call for Board Members, Pearl eagerly stepped forward and even arrived at the interview wearing a charming doggy sweater, symbolizing her unwavering dedication to the cause. From 2017 to 2019, Pearl served as a Board Member, bringing her expertise and commitment to the table. During her tenure, she chaired the Development Committee, playing a pivotal role in raising funds and ensuring the growth and sustainability of the organization. After retiring from the board, Pearl joined the HBSPCA team in 2019, where she worked for a year, passionately serving the animals and supporting the organization’s mission.

Pearl’s career has been focused on the nonprofit sector, where she has consistently championed vital causes. Prior to her involvement with the HBSPCA, she held the position of Executive Director at both the Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton and the Mark Preece Family House. In these roles, she provided a comforting “home away from home” for families and adults facing challenging circumstances, such as dealing with cancer.

While Pearl dedicates much of her time and energy to helping others, she is also a proud mother. Her son is a teacher at a private school in London, England, and although the distance keeps them apart, Pearl cherishes the moments they can spend together.

During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pearl found solace in staying active and engaged. She vividly recalls the early days of the crisis, which brought about a sense of uncertainty and bleakness. In these moments, volunteering became a vital outlet for Pearl to occupy her mind and contribute to causes that matter deeply to her. One of her main volunteering commitments involves teaching children to read at Raddell Elementary School, as part of the Neighbor to Neighbor program’s development department. Additionally, Pearl lends her support to Interval House, a women’s shelter, providing assistance to those in need.

Pearl’s dedication to helping others, both humans and animals, is evident in her tireless volunteer work. By keeping herself busy with meaningful activities, she finds fulfillment and purpose. Her devotion to fostering positive change and making a difference in the lives of those she serves is truly inspiring.

If Pearl’s dedication to making a difference has inspired you, we invite you to join us and become a valued volunteer at the HBSPCA. Your time and efforts can have a profound impact on the lives of animals in need. Whether you’re passionate about animal care, event organization, or lending a helping hand in our programs, we have volunteer opportunities that align with your interests and skills. Visit our volunteer page or email volunteerservices@hbspca.com.