Today is #TakeAWalkIntheParkDay ! What better day to get outside and take your dog for a walk in the sunshine.

Walking your dog is so much more then just a bathroom break.  It’s exercise, for both you and your dog, it’s stress management, a walk can make you both happy and of course a tired dog is a GOOD dog.

A walk gives your dog a chance to check out new smells and sounds and can help prevent boredom and potential destructive behaviour, it also gives you, the human, a chance to wave hello to neighbours, say hi and exchange some conversation – from a safe distance these days 😊

Grab the leash, put on some comfy shoes, make sure you have a bag to stop and scoop and get outside.  A daily walk is something to look forward to, it provides routine in your pet’s life, they do love a good schedule, and it will provide both mental and physical stimulation for you both while strengthening the bond that already exists between you.