As we bask in the sunshine and savour the joys of summer, let’s not forget to keep our furry pals safe and hydrated, especially around water. Whether it’s a pool, lake, or beach, water can be both delightful and perilous for our beloved pets.

Supervision is Key: Always keep a watchful eye on your pet near water, be it a pool or natural body. Quick accidents can occur, so stay close and avoid leaving them unattended, especially if they’re not experienced swimmers.

Teach Swimming Skills: For water-loving pets, introduce them gradually to the water and teach basic swimming skills. Encourage them gently, starting in shallow water. Some pets may take to water naturally, while others may need more time to feel comfortable.

Life Jackets for Water Activities: Planning a boating adventure with your furry friend? A properly fitted life jacket is a wise investment, providing an extra layer of safety and buoyancy to put your mind at ease.

Pool Safety Measures: Pools may tempt pets, but they also pose risks. Install a secure fence or gate to prevent unsupervised access. Show them where the steps or exit points are, ensuring they can exit the pool safely if they accidentally fall in. Consider a pool alarm or a pet-friendly ramp to assist them.

Fresh Water Availability: Like us, pets need fresh water to stay hydrated, especially during hot weather. Provide clean water indoors and outdoors and carry water for outings to keep them refreshed.

Rinse After Swimming: After water play, rinse your pet to remove chlorine, saltwater, or harmful chemicals. Pay attention to their ears, as moisture can lead to ear infections.

Be Mindful of Heatstroke: Hot weather and strenuous activities can lead to heatstroke in pets. Watch for signs of panting, weakness, or distress. Offer shade, water, and contact your vet if needed.

Remember, every pet is unique, and some may enjoy water more than others. Consider their preferences and abilities. By following these tips, you’ll have a splashing good time this summer with your furry companions! Stay safe and enjoy the sun!