The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) provides low-cost, high-quality spay and neuter surgeries for your feline friends in keeping with the organization’s commitment to keeping animals healthy and helping to control the cat population.

“There is a huge cat overpopulation issue in Hamilton,” says Karen Reichheld, senior manager of animal care at the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. “That’s why our spay and neuter programs are so important.”

Stray cats can be problematic for a community. They typically live short lives and are likely to succumb to injuries and diseases, which can be passed on to humans and other animals. These cats are also unlikely to be domesticated, so the Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program is important for the HBSPCA, which actively assists community colony caregivers to trap, spay or neuter, vaccinate, and microchip stray cats in the city.

“There will always be enough cats in the world,” says Reichheld, “but, you know, reducing what we can is the goal and there are lots of health benefits that could allow your pet to live a longer healthier life.”

Spay or neuter Hamilton

Spaying or neutering your cat improves their overall quality of life by decreasing the probability of certain cancers and infections. It also reduces unwanted behaviours like urine marking.

The veterinarians at the HBSPCA perform nearly 100 cat surgeries per week as part of its spay and neuter programs. What makes the programs so unique is the overall value. 

When you bring your pet to the HBSPCA through their Community Assistance Program, they will also receive complimentary vaccines, a microchip, deworming treatment, and a dose of flea prevention.

“We are able to keep our fees low because of our charitable status and because we operate as a high quality, high volume clinic that focuses on spay and neuter services,” says Reichheld.

The Community Assistance Program is provided to low-income pet owners who face cost barriers when accessing these services at a regular veterinary clinic. Pets receive high-quality care from a licensed veterinarian. 

The supplies and medications at the HBSPCA are the same as those available at any other veterinary hospital.

More information on the HBSPCA Community Assistance Program can be found at hbspca.com/spay-neuter/community-assistance-program.

The HBSPCA also offers the “Spay Your Mama” program for “oops” puppy litters. 

You can surrender your litter of puppies at no charge to the HBSPCA and you will be provided with a free spay for the mother. The puppies will also be spayed or neutered and receive their vaccines, microchips, and vet checks before going to their forever home.

More information on the Spay Your Mama program can be found here: hbspca.com/spay-neuter/spay-your-mama