Our Giving Tuesday campaign last month raised a whopping $82,210 for our foster program. W-O-W!

Thank you to every person and organization that chose to give. Thank you to our Matching Donors, who generously matched donations: 

  • Supply All Trim & Doors
  • Leggat Auto Group
  • Global Pet Food: Fennel
  • Marion Emo
  • Dr. Ken O.
  • Douglas T.
  • Dolores S.
  • Hans B.

Madison, our Foster Program Manager, is virtually speechless and incredibly inspired by this generosity. The funds are being put to immediate use in growing our foster program. 

There was icing on this giving cake, too. In addition to incredible donations, the HBSPCA also received 10 new Foster Family applications. Wow! More temporary homes filled with love for pets waiting to be adopted. We are so grateful. 

As it goes, the stars aligned Giving Tuesday with our foster care program incredibly well—A litter of seven-day-old puppies came into our care earlier this month. And it was our foster families who jumped in and opened their doors and hearts to keep these pups safe.

Fostering gives love and shelter; it also saves lives.

Learn more about becoming a foster home.