Pedigree Foundation

Grant Program

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from PEDIGREE Foundation to increase the likelihood of successful adoptions through obedience training for dogs in the organization’s adoption program.

We know that dogs with basic obedience skills are more likely to be adopted and with the support of the PEDIGREE Foundation, the HBSPCA can increase the number of dogs in our foster program receiving obedience training

Meet The Participants

Say hello to Lyric!  This 4 year old is the cutest ball of energy that you will ever meet.

This playful pup loves nothing more than spending time with her favorite humans. Her tail never stops wagging, and her bark sounds like the sweetest melody you’ve ever heard.

You’ll fall in love with her gorgeous coat and big brown eyes. Playtime is her absolute favorite, so prepare to have a new best friend who’s always up for an adventure. If you’re ready for nonstop love and fun, Lyric might just be the canine for you.

Lyric is currently in foster care and her AMAZING foster family is committed to attending classes with our sweet Lyric.

Lyric began her obedience classes on Nov 22nd and we are proud to introduce her as the first participant in the Pedigree Foundation Grant Program.

**** Update **** Lyric has graduated from her level 1 class and has found her forever home!


You can make a difference in a shelter dog’s life!  Consider a donation to ensure that EVERY dog in our care can participate in obedience classes.

Meet Cheeto, the life of the party!  This high-energy girl is always ready to have a blast and keep you entertained.  Cheeto loves staying active and thrives when given plenty of mental and physical stimulation.  She’s a social butterfly who gets along well with dogs of similar size.

Cheeto is ready for a new adventure with some people to call her own!

She began her dog training on December 14th and is currently attending classes with one of our fabulous volunteers.

**** Update *****  Cheeto, now Nyx, has been adopted and finished her session with her new family.  





Mildred attended a private lesson with her amazing foster mom.  She has since been adopted and is doing well with her new famly.



This stunning girl is a high energy dog with some strong herding instincts.  She attended a private lesson with K9 Principles to received some tips and tricks on dealing with her natural instincts.

Hai was recently adopted and will be able to take her new found skills with her to her new home.



Freddy was a shy boy who needed some help building his confidence.  We set him up with a private lesson with K9 Principles and his foster mom was excited to attend with him.

We are thrilled to announce that Freddy has been adopted and is enjoying time with his new family.



Luna is a shy, quiet girl who gets nervous in new situations.  Her foster mom has been working hard to introduce her to new people and places in a safe and controlled manner.  With help from a private lesson with K9 Principles she has come such a long way!

We are excited to announce that Luna has a meeting soon with her potiential new family.  We can’t wait to annouce that she has been adopted.

Cally is a lively and enthusiastic girl who is always up for a good time.  Cally is eager to please but needed some help with basic manners.  Her foster family was thrilled to hear that dog obedience classes were available and they have recently started their level 1 journey in a group class.

Cally is off to a great start!  We are sure the skills she is learning will help her find the perfect forever family.



Look at those ears!  Mama Ru is a bundle of joy who is just waiting to brighten your day.  This goofball will surely make you laugh with her silly antics.

Mama Ru is beginning her obedience classes with one of our dedicated volunteers.  We can’t wait to see them in class.