Community Programs

Building bonds, one paw at a time. Join our community programs for a brighter future together. Together, we make tails wag and hearts soar.

Pet Pantry
Providing pet owners who need support with pet food and basic supplies.
Pet Health Outreach Clinic
Ensuring that every pet has access to basic healthcare, regardless of your financial situation.
Dog Training
Entrust your dog's training to our seasoned staff and partners.
Youth Programs
Animal companionship for the leaders of tomorrow.
Nail Trimming
Feeling Nervous About Pet Care? We're Here to Help!
Pet Visiting
Our Pet Visiting program, aims to uplift spirits and brighten days.
A journey of care begins with a single step, or in our case, a joyous ride.
Operation Catsnip (TNVR)
Providing safe spay/neuter services for all cats.
Flea & Tick Prevention
Protect your furry friend from pesky parasites with our Flea & Tick Prevention solutions.