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Empower a Foster Pet: Join the Hamilton Burlington SPCA Adopt a Foster Program

Why Fostering Matters

When you commit to adopting a foster pet at the Hamilton Burlington SPCA, you're offering a lifeline of hope and love to an animal in need. Your support isn't just a donation; it's a beacon of hope that shines brightly on one special animal, as well as many others throughout the community.


An 'Adopt a Foster' contribution is a heartfelt one-time donation of $25 or more, dedicated to a specific animal in our care. Choose to 'adopt' a pet in your name or as a touching tribute or gift for someone else. With numerous cherished animals eagerly awaiting their forever homes, we're here to connect you with a furry friend who will tug at your heart strings.

Your Role in Their Story 

When you choose to become a 'adopter' of a foster pet, you're not just donating funds. You're weaving yourself into the fabric of an animal's journey. With your invaluable support, our foster families can provide enhanced care for their temporary furry residents. Your support ensures they receive nutritious food, timely medical care, playful toys, and much-needed socialization experiences. As our fosters open their homes and hearts, we count on the generosity of supporters like you to ensure each animal's transition is smooth, comforting, and filled with love.

Your commitment not only supports the individual animal you choose but also fuels the overarching mission of the Hamilton Burlington SPCA to create a brighter future for animals. By pooling your generous gift with others, we amplify our capacity to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in dire need.

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Adopt a Foster
Foster Home Story

Shannon's Story

“Fostering is so rewarding. Being a part of providing care and socialization for an animal is both a privilege and a gift. Having the animal adopted is bitter sweet, knowing that they will now get a fur ever home, but missing the joy of having them around.” -       Foster Parent Shannon

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The Critical Roles of Our Foster Homes

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Emergency Sheltering

At times, life takes unexpected turns. Our emergency shelter fosters step in during critical junctures, offering immediate warmth and care to these animals, helping them navigate through the storm to find clearer skies.


End of Life - Hospice Care

Our Hospice Fosters are those guardian angels who hold the paws of our furry friends as they tread softly towards life's twilight. Armed with immense compassion, these fosters ensure the last chapters of these animals are filled with comfort, love, and dignity. With increased medical attention and regular hospital visits, these homes transform into havens of care and affection.


Short-Term Care

Not all fostering journeys span months. Some are brief but equally impactful. Short-term fosters provide a temporary home for animals in between transitions, ensuring they get all the love and care they need before they embark on their next journey, be it recovery, training, or moving to their forever homes.


Long-Term Care

Certain animals, due to specific needs or circumstances, require extended care. Our long-term fosters open their hearts and homes for these special cases, ensuring that every day, irrespective of its length, is filled with joy, comfort, and belonging.

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Adopt a Foster