Impact Report

Empowering Change, Celebrating Compassion

Steadfast Commitment

As we unveil our Annual Impact Report, we extend heartfelt thank you to our dedicated donors, volunteers and partners, whose steadfast commitment has empowered our 135+ year mission to advocate for and nurture animals within our community.

Download Our Impact Report

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Transformative Power

This report is more than a summary of achievements; it is a testament to the transformative power of your generosity. It clearly illustrates the impact of every donated product, financial gift, and volunteer hour, each of which serve as the lifeblood of our animal welfare organization.

As a non-government-funded charity, we are dependent on your generous support. We take pride in driving the maximum impact from every dollar we raise to serve more animals in our communities.

This year, your support had the power to transform lives for animals in our care, forever.

It takes a lot of heart to make a difference. You can help.