About Us

Building a Pet First Future

As an animal welfare charity, we're here to protect animals from people, provide affordable health care, and promote responsible pet ownership.

Our Mission

Support access to services which help sustain healthy and safe animals in our community
Protect animals from (potential) harm
Deliver best practice animal care so they may live their natural life in good health
Lead the development of a more humane community and more responsible pet ownership

Our Vision

A community where all animals have the opportunity to enjoy the five essential freedoms:

Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from pain, injury and disease
Freedom from distress
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom to express well-being behaviours

Our Values

Curious: Actively source evidence-based best practices and new methologies
Collaborative: Partner with our community
Integrity: Acting from an ethical framework
Respect: Treat animals and people with dignity
Compassionate: Caring, empathetic and understanding
Stewardship: Caretakers of animal welfare
Transparent: Open and honest about what we do, how we do it, and the challenges we face
Accountable: Responsible for our actions.

Our Achievements

Our reputation has grown beyond the geography of our local community. We take pride in being the trusted partner for Ontario's Provincial Animal Welfare Services (PAWS).

Our innovative programs have set benchmarks, reinforced trust, and we're only just getting started!

We're soon to be accredited by Humane Canada and Imagine Canada, the country's most-trusted Animal Welfare and Charity oversights, respectively.

Our Future

Building Canada's First Animal Wellness Hub; A One-Stop Affordable, All-Inclusive, Walk-In Shelter, Hospital and Community Space.

The excitement is palpable as we envision a greater animal advocacy, innovation, and impactful role.

Your Support

Our journey is far from over, and the path ahead requires collective strength. We urge you to become a part of this transformative journey.

Whether it's through donations, volunteering, or advocacy, your support is invaluable. Together, we can make a difference for the countless animals that depend on us.

Board Members

Kim Ciavarella

Board Chair

Carrie Trembinski

Board Vice Chair

Ryan Woodcroft


Khizer Anwar


Deborah Brown


Stephanie Brown


Dino Di Marcantonio


Todd Hepburn


Megan Jones


Shannon McLean


Trish Nelson


Emily Vis


Senior Team

Melissa Foley

Director of Volunteer & Community Partnerships
(905) 574-7722

Dr. Jennifer Farr

Director of Medical
(905) 574-7722

Brad Grabell

Director of Strategy & Revenue
(905) 574-7722

Michelle Macnab

Director of Community Wellness & Communications
(905) 574-7722

Andrea Matecki

Director of Finance & Administration
(905) 574-7722

Krysta Ozinga

Director, Data Systems, Analytics, Privacy & Architecture
(905) 574-7722

Karen Reichheld

Director of Animal Care
(905) 574-7722

Julie Watt

Director of Individual Giving
(905) 574-7722

Stronger together, with our affiliate members...

Financial Health Report

We're an open book.

The Hamilton-Burlington SPCA is committed to effectively allocating donor funds to aid as many abused, injured, and homeless animals as possible. We pride ourselves in transparently sharing how we put every dollar to work, and our strategy to make our impact possible.

Explore our financial and impact reports to see how your generous contributions make a difference.


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