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Pet Rehoming

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Our Rehoming Process

Step 1: Explore all other options

When pet owners find themselves unable to care for their pet, there are several alternatives to rehoming such as foster care, family support, behaviour training, etc. Consider these other options available before committing to pet rehoming.

Step 2: Contact us at HBSPCA

If your options are exhausted, or not available to you, you can contact the HBSPCA for an appointment to consider your pet’s eligibility for surrender to the HBSPCA for rehoming.

Frequently Asked Questions

A shelter should be your last resort for placing your animal. Before contacting the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA you should attempt to place the animal in another home on your own. Ask friends, family, and neighbours. Don’t forget to ask your veterinary clinic. Placing your pet in a shelter can be stressful for your animal and we are eager to avoid this if possible. The HBSPCA takes in thousands of animals every year, and often the surrender could have been prevented. Please be sure to let us know if there is some way we can help you keep your loved pet.

The HBSPCA does not euthanize for space or length of stay. We are committed to ensuring that each animal in our care finds their new home, regardless of how long this may take. For this reason, we, at certain times of the year, may not have room immediately to take in another pet.

While we do offer guardian requested euthanasia for elderly or ill pets, we do not euthanize healthy, adoptable pets. Pets in our care will remain with us until their find their new family.

The rehoming fee goes towards the care that your pet will receive while they await their new home. This may include medical costs, vaccines, heartworm prevention etc...

Would you like support with your decision?

Facing the decision to give up your pet can be devastating and we know it's not easy. We understand that there are sometimes circumstances that may prevent you from being able to keep your pet, and our on site social worker is here to help.

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