Imagine you’re a senior, living in a city housing apartment in the downtown core. You have a dog but are finding it increasingly difficult to care for it, with the cost of everything going up. You need help.

Keeping people and pets together is a core part of our mission, and one of the ways we do this is by facilitating wellness clinics and community days.

Director of Community Outreach and Animal Programs Michelle Macnab, arranges a number of wellness clinics in conjunction with Hamilton City Housing or local community centres every month. HBSPCA’s medical director, Dr. Jennifer Farr runs the clinics with support from veterinary students and they always come armed with lots of pet food to share with the pawrents.

The residents—who are primarily seniors—simply take a quick elevator ride downstairs with their pet a few minutes before their scheduled appointment. After our team examines the animal, they are given their core vaccinations, any flea prevention or deworming treatment, as well as medication for minor conditions. All of this care is provided for a flat rate of $20. 

“It’s a great time for a conversation,” Michelle says. It’s a great opportunity to chat with the pet parents about grooming or any other care-related questions they may have.

If the resident is interested in having a cat spayed or neutered, that of course has to be done at the shelter’s companion animal hospital. To make these visits easier, residents can book an appointment and drop off and pick up their cat at the shelter the same day.

Community days are held twice a month in a central location downtown where a truck full of pet food arrives to assist residents in the area. “The food is donated and the HBSPCA is happy to share with those in need”, Michelle says.

The HBSPCA encourages all pet guardians to seek out a primary care veterinary hospital for routine medical care, however we understand that at times circumstances can change and access to veterinary care may be more challenging. The aim is to bridge the gap for pet guardians to be able to provide preventative healthcare where they otherwise would be unable to.

HBSPCA Pet Wellness Clinics are open to residents of Hamilton and Burlington who are receiving government assistance or whose income falls within specified guidelines. Dates for wellness clinics and community days that are open to the public can be found on our website and social media channels.

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