The total solar eclipse is just around the corner and many pet owners have asked the question “Will the eclipse affect my pet?” For the most part the answer is no. It’s no different then any other day for them. On a normal day your pets don’t try to look at the sun, so on this day there is no reason to expect that they will do anything different.
Ironically, the greatest risks to your pet’s well-being during an eclipse may come from human related activities surrounding the event. Large crowds, travelling, loud noises from festivities etc.. Our pets also feel our emotions, if you are feeling anxious or very excited about the eclipse your pet may sense that and start to behave differently.
A few tips that could help
🐾 Keep pets indoors: During the eclipse, strange shadows and changes in lighting may confuse them. Keeping them indoors will prevent them from getting scared or disoriented.
🐾 Provide distractions: Keep your pets occupied with toys or treats to help distract them from the unusual event happening outside.
🐾 If you are outside with your pet, don’t encourage them to look up or point to the sky.
Avoid walking your pets during the eclipse: If you’re out and about with your pet during the eclipse, try to avoid walking them outside. The sudden darkness can confuse animals and may cause them to become scared or anxious.
🐾 Be aware of wildlife and livestock if you are out driving. The sudden darkness may cause them to behave out of character or become confused and run out on the road.
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