On today’s #FelineFriday let’s talk……carriers

Do cats really hate the carrier or have we taught them to hate the carrier?  Is the carrier a warm, safe, clean inviting space or is it dirty from the basement, maybe with a few cobwebs, cold and only makes an appearance when it is time to go to the vet.  Is it possible these things are all connected????

You want your cat to feel like the carrier is part of your normal “furniture”.  It should smell the same as your living space, not the cold and dusty garage, it should have a nice soft surface to rest on and it would be great if delicious, tasty treats were served in there occasionally.  By removing the door to the carrier, placing some of your cat’s favourite toys in there and serving snacks, food or some catnip you can help your cat to learn to love the carrier and make future trips much more enjoyable for everyone involved.

This is not an overnight process but the time you spend getting your cat used to the carrier will pay off in the end.

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