On today’s #FelineFriday let’s talk litter!

A quick pop quiz for you first….. If you have 3 cats in your home how many litter boxes are recommended? Find the answer at the bottom.

Some litter facts you may not be aware of

Litter boxes need to be BIG!

In fact, they should be one and a half times the length of your cat. Your cat should also be able to see anyone approaching them while they are in the litter box. Cats are in their most vulnerable state while they are using the litter box and we want them to feel safe and secure or they will look for another place where they do feel safe to go the bathroom

With or without a hood

Outdoor cats do not eliminate in a cave like setting and we are pretty sure that a port a potty is not your favourite place to use either. Imagine that was your only option. Eventually you may seek another place to go the bathroom. If you absolutely can’t live without a hooded litter box, you will want to ensure that the lid is clear so the cat can see out and that it is NOT the only option for your pet

How often to scoop

At LEAST once but preferably twice a day. Cats are incredibly clean animals and do not want to step on urine clumps or feces every time they need to use the litter box. We are pretty sure that you HATE using an unflushed public restroom, right??

Where do I put the litter boxes

Just about anywhere! The bathroom, the spare room, the living room etc… Let’s get rid of the myth that the litter box is smelly, dirty and gross. There are certainly some places that you do NOT want to put the litter box. Basements by the furnace, or laundry rooms…they are loud and scary and not a safe, secure spot. In a closet…..we would refer back to the port a potty image They should also not be in the same place as their food and water. Do you eat your lunch beside the toilet?

You have cats! Cats need to go to the bathroom! Don’t make it difficult for them and they will reward you by using the box all the time. Big boxes, open areas and keeping them clean will make a world of difference.

The rule of thumb is one more litter box then cats. So for 3 cats you would ideally have 4 litter boxes.