Sunshine came to us as a transfer from one of our partner organizations. She was an underweight stray who required foster care to help her pack on a few pounds and wait for surgery to be spayed.

The commitment from her foster mom was incredible! She provided Sunshine with her own quiet space in their home where she could decompress and slowly, surely begin to build trust with humans. Sunshine’s foster family also included another dog, who helped Sunshine learn to socialize with her kind. 

Thanks to the love, patience, and passion from her foster family, Sunshine is… well… SHINING! She has a healthy body, is spayed, and ready for adoption. She has come into her personality (which is hard to resist, for the record) and has achieved some pretty great feats in a small amount of time. Way to go, Sunshine!

With sunshine comes flowers—specifically our sweet girl Petunia, a four-year-old mixed breed! She, along with her puppy siblings, were raised in an environment that was far from paw-fect and she was brought to the HBSPCA. During Petunia’s intake, we discovered an infection in her uterus—requiring an emergency spay procedure at our Companion Animal Hospital—and that she was heartworm positive.

Heartworm treatment isn’t for the faint-of-heart so we’re looking for a loving foster family to care for she while she recovers for the next two months. We only want the best for Petunia, and longer recovery periods are best spent in a safe, caring foster home.

Here’s what we’re looking for in Petunia’s ideal foster home:

  • Dog experience
  • Pet free
  • Child free
  • Fully fenced yard
  • Quiet home
  • Reliable form of transportation (Petunia will need to return to the HBSPCA for appointments during her stay)

Think your home could be the one? Reach out to our Foster team at foster@hbspca.com and let them know you’re interested in Petunia!

Foster homes can create a lasting impact for our shelter pets. With the ideal environment (home!) and time, success is bound to be achieved.

Help make a difference to the animals in need in your community and consider becoming a foster for pets just like Sunshine. If you would like more information, fill out the below form and a member of the Foster Team will be in touch.

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