When Mars Canada sent their employees to the HBSPCA last month to volunteer their time, we were ecstatic. And so were the pets. More people means more love, more work complete, more dogs walked, more cats purring, more people informed about the importance of our programs. Lots of good things come from volunteering.

Mars’ team spent the entire day interacting with the pets in our care, learning about our programs and processes, and bearing witness to the hard work, dedication, and passion that unfolds here daily. To say it was sweet would be an understatement. “We had a fantastic time,” said Wendy, Retail Sales Leader for Mars Canada Pet Nutrition. “Learning about the SPCA, cleaning, and interacting with the animals. We all loved it and [a few of us] might come back to do four hours in November!”

Corporate giving is an essential part of our funding. Small or big or anywhere in between, corporate donations, sponsorships, and volunteer hours directly and very paws-itively impact the pets in our community. 

If you’re interested in corporate sponsorship and/or volunteer opportunities, contact us at volunteerservices@hbspca.com