Not Just Any Home

Long stays in shelters are generally not good for an animal.  No matter the  diet, space, privacy,  socialisation, the company of staff and volunteers, and outdoor exercise, shelters are not the ideal home.

Scarlett was a long stay dog.  A Mastiff-Rottweiler mix, Scarlett lived at the shelter for 8 months. Rescued from abandonment, Scarlett underwent heart worm treatment for two months. And then she was home ready.  Like all pet companions, she had personality. Having always been an outdoor dog, other animals, and cars got her going! Scarlett was energetic, passionate, and charming. And not a match for every pet family.

Long stays pose tough questions to shelter caregivers, both volunteers and staff. Are we doing enough to find a home? Should she go to another shelter? Is our affection for her a barrier to a forever home? Yet, we were her family; she knew her caregivers; she had routine; she was healthy. This was home for now.

It is said that animals choose us. And Scarlett chose her family.  They stopped in at the shelter. They set eyes on Scarlett, and that was it. They played with Scarlett, learned her history, discussed her temperament. Experienced pet parents, they said yes to Scarlett. Scarlett went home 2 days later. Its not any home; it’s the right home that matters.