Tuesday August 25, 2020

Dear Friends of the Animals

Since the onset of these unprecedented COVID times, I have been sharing stories about pet companion rescue and rehoming, telemedicine, and safety measures to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Five months have passed since the shelter was initially on “lock down”. And we remember that it was only a matter of days before staff designed and adapted innovative safe approaches to continue taking care of the animals – spay/neuter for vulnerable street cats, euthanasia for pet companions in pain and distress at the end of life, and emergency response to urgent situations.  Your Team at the HBSPCA are HEROES to the animals as they came to work the day the province closed down and didn’t look back. This is the commitment your HBSPCA Staff made every day when the Province made shelters essential services. Staff were there for the animals, and still are. They truly are HEROES to the animals!

It wasn’t always easy.  Some personal protective equipment was in short supply, and purchase costs escalated. Budgets had not anticipated barriers for safe client interactions, and a more urgent need for cleaning supplies. Staff, while confined to their “zones” on site, needed to trust that each among them was keeping safe outside work within their bubbles. Admin staff were deployed to work from home; however, lack of broadband in some communities made this difficult at best, and costly.

Summer weather has made curbside drop off and pick up of Companion Animal Hospital clients feasible. No contact adoptions have been remarkably successful and the adopters love the process; no adoptable pet is waiting long for a forever home.  The shelter is gradually opening its doors for retail and donations four afternoons a week; we welcome our supporters and donors.

The HBSPCA Staff have been nimble and ready to jump into action on the drop of a dime. They have taken care of themselves and each other so that they can continue to care for animals in need. They are HEROES in my books. I hope you feel the same.

I invite you to celebrate your HEROES, and consider making a donation to support the recovery and rehoming miracles they make happen, every day.

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Marion Emo
President and CEO
Keeping Distance Staying Connected.