Dear Friends of the Animals

Sometimes we need a helping hand.  Sometimes we need an extra boost.  Sometimes we need a second chance. 

This week we were reminded about the power of second chances when Emily O’Brien of Comeback Snacks stopped in for a visit.  Emily’s story is an important one.  It’s a story about the benefits of giving someone the second chance they need.  Here at the HBSPCA we see the power of second chances every day.  A chance at a fresh start.  A chance for a new beginning.  A chance for a happy ending.

This week we welcomed a canine family looking for their second chance.  Through no fault of her own this mama dog and her brood of ten, (yes, 10!) babies were living outside in the cold, alone and in need of a helping hand.  Working with a local Animal Control we were able to ensure that mom and babies are safe inside, with full tummies, warm blankets, and fresh water.  It was just in the nick of time, as the snowy weather arrived last night. 

Their journey for a second chance begins now and will start at the HBSPCA.  Over the next few weeks they will all receive the basic medical care they need.  They will eventually head to a volunteer foster home for some important socialization.  Vaccines and deworming medications will be provided and of course, they will receive all the LOVE that we can provide.  Then, when they are ready, we will complete the rescue circle and they will find amazing forever homes.  A forever home that will help provide them all the second chance they need and deserve.

This holiday season, we encourage you to remember the importance of providing a second chance, a helping hand, or that extra boost.  Maybe it’s a friend, a neighbour, a stranger or a pet at the local animal shelter.  We are all deserving of love and the chance to move on from past mistakes and start fresh.

Be Safe. Be Kind.
Melanie Barlow