Monday July 13

Dear Friend of the Animals

It’s not yet mid July and already it feels like the dawg days of summer. The parking lot is hot, the grass is yellow and the garden is already a bounty of greens for our small critters. Shelter activities are finding a new normal, continually responsive in these times of COVID. We remain safe, nimble, and ever grateful for the help community members lend for healthy, safe and second chance animal lives.

How Corporate Donors Make A Difference

The Boehringer-Ingleheim leadership Team gave a day of time, talent and treasure last summer and built a raised garden at the shelter and a bench for dog walkers’ rest and respite. The garden is feeding our small critters – rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and more – with healthy, fresh and available greens everyday. We could not be more pleased with a ready and sustained food supply.

Thank you www.boehringer-ingelheim.ca

Our Zoetis representative checked in with our Animal Care Manager this week just to see how things were going in these times. Zoetis supplies Revolution products for cats and dogs, and Simparica, a dog flea and tick treatment. On learning of the recent hectic and unpredictable days such as taking in 5 nursing cats and 17 kittens all at once, she and her daughter offered to deliver lunch for the kitty care staff next week. These “paws up” thanks lift the spirits of busy staff and remind staff that they are appreciated, every day.

Thank you www.zoetis.ca

How You Can Help

The Times of COVID are currently limiting volunteers indoors on site at the shelter.  And yet there are still ways your business or office team can make a difference at the shelter.

  • Consider gardening, weed whacking, window washing
  • Have a birthday in the office? Consider a donation in your colleague’s name, all for the animals.
  • Organizing a distanced staff picnic? Consider auctioning safely prepared picnic baskets and donating the proceeds to the TNVR program – spay/neuter for street cats.
  • Have an idea? Let us know at info@hbspca.com  We are all ears and paws.

In the midst of the heat wave, I wish everyone health and safety.

Let us all take care of our pets in the heat, and remember that that there is no reason to leave a pet in a car.

And if you are looking for a smile, enjoy this “meet your match” video https://youtu.be/p-ta10Yb_nI


Marion Emo
President and CEO
Keeping Distance Staying Connected.