This tiny bundle of fur has already been through more in his short life than most dogs will endure in their entire lifetime.

Prior to his arrival at the #HBSPCA Teddy required an amputation of his right back leg due to multiple injuries.

Upon his arrival his bloodwork showed some abnormalities that indicated his kidneys were not functioning as they should for such a young puppy.

Following additional testing and a visit to the internal medical specialist at a local vet clinic it was discovered that a leptospirosis infection had caused some permanent damage to his kidneys.

Oh Teddy!  What does this mean for our adorable little friend?  To him, it means nothing!  He is a happy, full of energy puppy who loves to chase a squeaky toy and go for car rides 🚙 He also discovered just how delicious a pup cup is on the weekend 💕

What does it mean for his future family?  For now it means that his kidneys are not able to properly concentrate his urine. He needs to drink more than a regular dog and he will need to urinate more frequently. At the present time he does not require medication or a special diet, however these may be things he requires in the future.

What he needs is a family to love him and a good relationship with a trusted veterinary clinic. He will require regular testing to assess his kidney health and of course lots of car rides and squeaky toys 🐾

Are you the family for Teddy?  Visit our adoption page to learn more and fill out an application https://www.hbspca.com/adopt-animals/view-dogs/