He’s reaching out to potential volunteers!

Bruce has brought skills honed over decades to help the HBSPCA attract volunteers to help the animals in its care.

Bruce joined the Volunteer Services team recently where he is kept busy recruiting, especially dog foster parents, but volunteers in general.

“Recently 21 dogs came into our care. We need to get volunteers to take care of them,” he said.

“I’ve been on the phone for 55 years,” Bruce says. He is semi-retired from SB Partners Chartered Accountants where he worked for 14 years. He also worked in finance in the head office of Canadian Tire Corp. for 29 years.

He currently does some business consulting in finance, credit and collections. Bruce works in Volunteer Services one day as week.

Bruce is clearly an animal lover. He says he’s aways had dogs – probably as many as eight in his lifetime – and he had three German Shepherds at one time.

Volunteering isn’t the only way Bruce helps his pet charity. He has named the HBSPCA in his will and currently is a major donor.

Bruce, who lost his wife last year, says his volunteer work gives him the satisfaction of helping people out and especially, helping the animals.

“People think they’re going to be playing with puppies,” he says. “It doesn’t matter to me as long as I can help. Doing something worthwhile makes you feel better.”

Bruce also credits a lot of his enjoyment to the volunteer team including fellow volunteer Tracy and Director of Volunteer Services, Melissa Foley. He says Tracy keeps an eye on him!

Bruce is aware of a myriad of volunteer opportunities at the HBSPCA and is looking forward to meeting potential volunteers who may fit the bill. Thanks, Bruce!